PVD Coating Service

AlTiN – Aluminum Titanium Nitride (Dark Purple-Black)

APPLICATIONS: The workhorse coating. Suitable for high velocity machining of all ferrous metals including nickel based hi temp alloys and stainless.
ADVANTAGE: Excellent heat insulation, dry machining. Creates oxidized layer for built-in lubricity.

Tin – Titanium Nitride (Golden Yellow)

APPLICATIONS: The basic choice for machining of all metals both ferrous and nonferrous. Stable tool protection.
ADVANTAGE: Good general-purpose coating.

TiCN – Titanium Carbo Nitride (Bronze – Metallic)

APPLICATIONS: Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Tool Steels over 40HRc, Interrupted Cutting.
ADVANTAGE: High shock resistance, High hardness & abrasion resistance.

ZrN – Zirconium Nitride (Gold-Metallic)

APPLICATIONS: Excellent for aggressive machining aluminum, brass and copper. Also great for UN-AGED Titanium (Best choice for hard or aged Titanium is AlTSiN)
ADVANTAGE: Extra lubricity over TiN. Reduces chip welding.

AlCrN (Upon Request) – Aluminum Chromium Nitride (Slate-Gray)

APPLICATIONS: High Microhardness with remarkable resistance to heat.  Very Thin coating with low Coefficient of Friction.  Especially proficient in exotic alloys.
ADVANTAGE: The top performer.  Use for the most stringent of applications.