Custom CNC Tool and Cutter Grinding

Regrind Policies 2023

We strive to provide our customers with the BEST tool manufacturing and reconditioning service available. In order to establish consistent results, we have come up with a series of ‘Customer’ and ‘KV’ tool reconditioning policies.

Customer Policies

Packaging: To avoid damage, it is RECOMMENDED that all customers package dull tools in accordance with KV Tooling’s packaging guidelines listed here.

Payment Terms:

  • All open accounts are Net 30 days unless special agreements have been made.
  • Checks or money orders accepted.
  • Cash not accepted.
  • Credit Cards Accepted — Note fee of 3.75% applies to all credit card payments.

Discounts: We offer quantity discounts on all identical tooling.

  • 10-19 pcs – 5% Discount
  • 20-39 pcs – 10% Discount
  • 40-59 pcs – 15% Discount
  • 60+ pcs – 20% Discount

Distributor: Regrind pricing – 15% (after qty pricing applied)

Shipping Charges: Click Here.

KV Tooling Policies

Intake: KV Tooling will unpack, count, inspect and catalog all tooling upon receipt. A quote will be generated and sent to the customer. All Regrind quotes are subject to change once PO is approved and work begins due to the nature of the regrind process. If changes to the order occur, a final quote will be sent before invoice is generated.

Rejects: KV Tooling makes a determination as to the condition of the incoming tool as to whether it is feasible to salvage.  All Tools Deemed SCRAP will be sent back to the customer with a NO WORK DONE tag.

Re-Coating: KVTS will recoat all tools with same or similar type of coating unless customer either requests a specific coating or lists NO COAT. (Repeat customers do not need to specify if normally coat or no coat)

Purchase Orders: KV Tooling Requires Purchase orders on all jobs. Verbal PO’s are allowed and recorded as date received.

Minimum Order: Minimum order requirement $90.00* May combine orders to achieve $90.00 * May be waived under special circumstances.

KV SCRAPPED TOOL: If we accidentally scrap one of your tools we will replace that tool with a similar tool from our inventory of new end mills free of charge.

Expedite Order Fees:
Uncoated – Minimum of 4 business days.
Coated – Minimum of 7 business days.
NOTE: Expedite service is NOT always available

  • Up to $150 – Fee $75
  • $151-300 – Fee: $100
  • $301-750 – Fee: $125
  • over $750 – Fee: $150

Excessive Wear: Tooling that has excessive damage but can be salvaged will be charged 50% more for each occurrence.

Cut off-retips: No extra charge (if as part of standard regrind process)